Welcome to St. Catherine’s Home

TO OUR HOME - where LOVE and LIFE flows and where each child GROWS to become who she is - a BRIGHT STAR !

TO OUR HOME - where we invite you to collaborate with us, to give the deprived girl child her rightful place in society.

TO OUR HOME - where your visit will make a difference, your games with them become a joy-filled experience; your presence will help them understand the world around, which they cannot reach easily, due to legal or security issues.

TO OUR HOME - Where your heart will expand – yes, the children will help you realize who you are and you will count your blessings.


Who we are
Founded in 1922, St. Catherine’s Home was Ida Dickenson’s initiative to provide shelter and an environment of love and care to homeless girls, especially unmarried mothers..
How to donate
We need your kind assistance for the various needs of deprived, abused children/ young women – nutritional, educational, medical, psychological..

What we do
Our primary objective is to provide a home to all the children and to restore the belief in them, that each one of them is unique and has an important place in society, regardless of caste..
Ways to volunteer
We offers fantastic volunteer opportunities, where the volunteers can share their skills to develop sustainable means for the children and in return get the right experience and love..

Where there is love
Every child admitted in our Home comes with pain, suffering, oppression. When they feel accepted, loved, understood, supported and are accompanied, they blossom into the wonderful...
Vocational training is provided to the teenagers. They are taught to make Artificial Jewellery, Warli Art, Gift Bags etc..

News & Events
Invite us to exhibit our creations at a location convenient to you – your residential complex or your work place.

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