What we do : Layout

St. Catherine’s Home is located on land donated by 2 generous families in 1948. It is situated in lush green surroundings of Veera Desai Road, Andheri, Mumbai, India.

As per the new rules of the Child Welfare Committee (Children’s Court), St. Catherine’s Home is permitted to shelter only babies, toddlers, girls, unmarried mothers of all religions sent by the Child Welfare Committee (Children’s Court).

Additionally the Home shelters deprived, adivasi girls from rural Maharashtra. These reside at St. Catherine’s Home and train in the Nurses’ Aide course at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Mumbai.

The children are housed in different cottages with positive names : Anand Bhavan (Home of Happiness), Dilkhush (Happy Heart), Nirmala Niwas (Pure Nest), Snehanilaya (Abode of Love), Snehanjali (Offering of Love), Karunankur (Compassionate Blossom).

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