What we do : Our objectives

For Girls :
At St.Catherine’s Home, our primary objective is to provide a home to all the children and to restore the belief in them, that each one of them is unique and has an important place in society, regardless of caste, color or creed.

We believe in providing comprehensive educational and vocational/professional training programmes, combined with a sound moral and cultural upbringing to our children, in order to meet all their needs.

Through love and acceptance, we aim to prepare our children, young girls and unmarried mothers, to take their place in society as responsible citizens and to be aware of their rights.

For Young Children :
At St. Catherine’s Home, our mission is to provide families to as many orphans and toddlers as possible, with the hope and belief that a child grows best in the loving arms of a parent with the knowledge that he/she is secure and safe.

Children with HIV infection:
St. Catherine’s Home is aspiring to bring about a radical change in the way Indian Society perceives children with HIV.

Our objectives are:
  1. To provide prompt medical care, nutritious diet and create a child-friendly environment for children with HIV infection to enhance their life span.
  2. To help each child feel loved, respected and to integrate each child in the home, school and society.
  3. To offer opportunities for an all-round growth through cultural activities, exposure programs, developing their talents and potential.
  4. To reduce stigma and discrimination through networking and collaboration with other NGOs, relatives, care-givers etc. through awareness programs.

Abused Minors
We provide rehabilitation to young minors who are rescued from the evils of prostitution. We, at St. Catherine’s Home, make sure that all the young minors are provided with proper education, vocational training, life skills training and regular counselling.

Our other objectives are:
  1. To offer counselling and guidance to these young girls, enabling them to make an alternate choice of occupation and means of livelihood for themselves and their family.
  2. To integrate them back into society and to ensure that their rights are never violated.

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