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We Rediscover

the I In Girls

St. Catherine’s Home

was founded in 1922

A place for helpless, vulnerable babies, girls and young women, most of whom have been deprived of the love and protection of parents and a family, due to some oppressive circumstances. The ultimate goal of St. Catherine’s Home is empowering deprived, abused, underprivileged girls and young women to be confident, qualified, responsible, value-based citizens of our country.

  • Located in Veera Desai Road, Andheri, Mumbai since 1948
  • Presently 250+ residents

Almost 100 years

Of lovingly caring for children

We helped the weakest and most suffering members of society.

Abandoned/relinquished babies, toddlers, orphans, unmarried mothers, Adivasi girls and so many others form our most important and preferred group.

  • Empowering girls/young women through Education & Rehabilitation
  • Restoring the girl child’s dignity, respect and accompanying her as she claims her rightful place in society

Where there is Love,

There is Hope

St. Catherine’s Home offers fantastic volunteer opportunities, where the volunteers can share their skills to educate and develop sustainable means for the children and in return get the right experience. We offer a friendly environment to national and international volunteers and a chance to blend in with the traditional and cultural values of India while working towards a goal.

Every Act of Love

Makes a Big Difference to us.

You can make a tremendous difference in their lives by a small but significant act of donating towards their needs. We welcome and appreciate whatever you are prepared to contribute by way of finance or kind.