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Our Mission continues with

Love, Joy and Hope

Every child admitted in our Home comes with pain, suffering, oppression. When they feel accepted, loved, understood, supported and are accompanied, they blossom into the wonderful persons they are.

Responsible, caring couples from around the world adopt and provide a loving family to the babies, toddlers, little children abandoned or relinquished by young mothers who are cheated in relationships or by families in hopeless situations. Some of these little ones are badly bruised. After adoption into loving families, they are doing well in life. Presently all children cleared for adoption by the Child Welfare Committee are adopted by Indian families. Only children with special needs are adopted by families from abroad.

The girl child in India is oppressed yet young adopting parents choose to adopt little girls.

The first shelter in India for children living with HIV was started in September 1996 in St Catherine’s Home.

The expected life span of a person with HIV is usually 3 – 15 years. Our children are living much longer and are healthy. We continue to build their immune system by creating a hygienic environment, besides providing nutritious food and prompt medical care.

Persons with HIV are shunned in society. We are overjoyed that 8 of our children living with HIV have been welcomed and adopted into loving homes. 2 in Mumbai, 1 in Italy, 2 in America, 3 in Sweden.

Around 35 girls living with HIV completed their studies. Some have been restored to their families, some live-in group homes and are working. They are independent and self-confident.

We have many stories of love and hope of young girls, rescued from the flesh trade brought to our Home and who with love, support and accompaniment are standing on their feet and living happy lives.